By | May 2, 2018

No matter what your level is, or even if you only have an inexpensive mountain bike improving your climbing technique with the bike will save you time and energy on climbs and will make you much more competitive.Some attitudes are key to becoming a good climber, regardless if you use mountain bikes for big guys. And as we all know, races are won in the mountains. As you approach a climb, you must act quickly to find a suitable gear ratio to avoid forcing a sudden gear change in the middle of the path.

Most Mountain Bike ratios with inexpensive mountain bike are not designed to perform gear shifts under a lot of pressure. It is very common to experience twisting or breaking of chain, breaks of hooks or even breaking of the rear cambial.

How to climb better?

You must develop your terrain analysis skills to know which relationship to attack a climb and change as you get steeper or longer. It is no use getting into a climb with a very heavy relationship, pedaling standing, doing much strength to maintain speed. If the climb is long you will not support the pace and will decrease abruptly having to make many shifts. This could damage your entire relationship.

Doing too much strength is not the most appropriate. Try to maintain a higher cadence, ie by turning the pedal more often. Whenever possible keep the cadence using a smaller pawn, even when using  mountain bikes for big guys. This will give you more speed and will help regulate your heart rate avoiding premature fatigue. See more.

Climbing steep climbs with Mountain Bike presents other problems

When the incline increases there is a tendency for the lead to become light, or “silly” as we call it. Your weight will be concentrated on the back. If you do not compensate this you may suffer. Here goes an example: After many miles up it gained a slope of approximately 28 to 30%. As the cyclist was already worn out, he did not balance his weight properly on the bike and when passing the front wheel, the “fool” escaped and he had to touch the ground with his feet. The incline was such that it was impossible to pull it off again. He had to push and lost all the positions he has conquered along the way.

If you do not compensate for this, eventually the front wheel of the bike may also rise from the ground by stepping forward on your inexpensive mountain bike. Move your weight forward by moving to the end of the saddle and lower your chest toward the table. This way you will balance the pressure on the front and rear and improve the control of the bike.

Other benefits

Another benefit of this positioning is the dynamics of pedaling. You will step on the pedal as if you are climbing a high step. This will transfer more force to the pedevel and lessen your fatigue. Some climbs are so steep that moving the body forward is not enough to keep track of the bike. You will have to feel the behavior of the wheels to decide how much to raise, lower or move on the saddle to avoid compromising the adhesion of the rear wheel when using inexpensive mountain bike. More details in site: